Monday, August 15, 2016

Jonathan and Newport

I went to high school with a lot of talented young musicians, and I am impressed at how many of them have become talented old musicians! I didn't know them well in high school, but got reacquainted at an informal reunion a few years ago - see the blog post, including some video of the music. One of the musicians is Jonathan Tennis, and we knew that he has a summer gig in Newport Rhode Island. So, when we saw we were going to be close, we planned a stop nearby so we could hear him play.

What a great spot - The Port Seafood Grill & Bar. We found seats that faced the open sunset view and were still close to the music with Jonathan as he played all our favorite Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, and lots more.

Here's just a few seconds of video from our cellphone to give you the flavor.

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