Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fwd: Still RVing After All These Years

We are really enjoying the townhouse in Fort Lauderdale, but we still love RVing too. This week we are booked to give a seminar in the Orlando area at central Florida computer society, so we booked a week at Orlando thousand trails.

It's quiet, beautiful, and nothing to do but work on our projects: Mrs Geek's Guide to Google Photos, and our monthly newsletter. We have a good Verizon internet connection here, so we got a lot of work done.
You can now buy our book, along with a special deal to get our entire learning library on usb drive, for$49. See

So we took a day off today and went to nearby Lakeridge 🍷. It's been on our list for years. We had no idea today was the wine and chocolate festival! 


They did a great job at moving hundreds of people thru the wine and chocolate tasting line. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

And, what a gorgeous day we had! 
With music! 

And, just fyi, I created this post just by writing an email to my blog and sending. I wrote about how to do this in our latest newsletter. Unfortunately, the email posting process is limited in the amount of photos that can be included. The maximum size for all photos is 10MB, meaning about 3 pictures. So I still need to come in to the interface to add more. It still helps a lot to compose the post using my phone and email.

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