Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Review

.I can't remember anything without my pictures. Here is the complete album of 2016.
And, here's the video I made of the album - using YouTube.

And, here's our map:

2016 is the year we transitioned to living in a "stick and brick." It's Mom's townhouse, and it took me a few years to decide what to do with it while she's in assisted living/dementia care. This year we decided! It's really nice, and sure is convenient. The only problem is there is nowhere to park the big RV. This coming year, we might just downsize to a camper van.  All in all, we spent our time about 50/50 between the townhouse and the RV.

Business-wise, we also transitioned a bit. We "pivoted" from focusing on live presentations at RV rallies and computer clubs to our weekly show online. And, we're considering book sales as a more substantial income stream, instead of just a sideline. Our website memberships are still, by far, our primary source of income, but we have high hopes for book sales.

Having Google fly me out to California for the Top Contributors meetup was a highlight for this year. It was only 2 days, but we view it as a turning point. Rather than focusing on teaching RVers, our primary topic is now Google Photos. Google photos is certainly very useful for RVers, but not just RVers. We are broadening our market and narrowing our topics.

We were disappointed that we didn't do any international travel this year, or a dive trip. Our exotic travel was to our back yard with our new hot tub instead! We DO love our hot tub. And, quiet time at home was good for our diet. We'd put on a few pounds since the weight loss a couple years ago. This year we took that off, plus some! At our annual doctor appointments, they are amazed that neither of us are taking any meds. We feel great!

So next year, we've already booked an international trip - Italy in May for Chris to attend Cary Tennis' Writing workshop. And, since we don't have a gig until mid July, we plan to stay in Europe thru June. Jim's ancestors are from Croatia, so we might explore that area a bit. We don't have a dive trip booked yet, but it is considered an essential!

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