Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Radiator Springs

Have you seen the animated movie "Cars?" We had not. We had no clue that we were in the town that inspired Radiator City. Yes - Seligman Arizona IS Radiator Springs.

We discovered this in the most obvious of ways ... NOT.

So, here we are parked in the lot of the Diesel Repair shop for several days. We had a great Verizon signal so we made it a point to join our online Toastmasters meeting on Monday evening. This is a new club, we are charter members. Since it is online, people can participate from anywhere. There are several members from Australia, a few from Florida, Michigan, UK, Bonaire, and even Singapore. When we joined the conversation and told them that we were in Seligman, AZ, Graham - an Australian - spoke up and said he spent some time there! He vacationed on route 66, loves the movie Cars, and told us the whole story about how Seligman was the inspiration for the movie's location of Radiator Springs!

We had no idea! But, based on that conversation we found the movie on Amazon and downloaded it to watch while we were there! What fun. I now understand why he liked it so much.

And, guess what the main work we had done while there?  We had our radiator replaced.

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