Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The need for green

As I write this, it is actually may 19 (I pre-dated the post) and we're sitting in the airport in Dusseldorf Germany. I am so far behind on the blog that I have to do a quick recap now so I can pick up with our current travels.

After the FMA rally in Yuma, we traveled to Laguna woods California where we were booked to drop a Google photos seminar for the computer club. 

Crossing the California state line and we were still in the desert. Major sand dunes in this area. Then we started climbing, and soon we saw green. What a welcome sight! After many years of drought, California has had record rainfall. We're we're so glad to be out of the desert.

Ron and Ruth
First stop was to visit Ron and Ruth who live in Carlsbad. That's in between San Diego and  Los Angeles. We stayed at the same elks Lodge where we've been before in Oceanside. We left early to give us time to set the ocean before meeting them for dinner. 

Took a nice walk on the pier and met a character. She insisted on trailing our picture so we also took hers. Conversation revealed that she belongs to a writer's group with a blog called summerlin writers workshop. Cool.

We met up with Ron and Ruth at a local restaurant and had a great time catching up. Ron is still surfing! And Ruth is painting her beautiful artwork. We saw them last in LBI for a high school reunion of Jim's.

The next day we drove in the other direction to meet up with Andy and Diane who moved to California from Colorado about a year ago. We met up with them and their daughter, Elizabeth in San Juan Capistrano. It was an afternoon date. We went to a playground so Elizabeth could practice her ninja warrior moves, then we walked around the town.

On the drive back, we found a funky, wonderful, place to stop for dinner-nomads canteen in San Clemente. 

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