Friday, October 27, 2017

Victor and Penny Groupies

After their gig in Kansas City, Victor and Penny performed the next night in Nebraska then, they told us they would be at a small town called Fairfield, Iowa. We looked at a map and it was on our way to our next gig in Moline, Illinois.
Let's Go.

We splurged and booked a room in the same hotel where Victor and Penny were staying. I think that was first for all of our years in RVing, we never stayed at a hotel rather than the RV.  This is another benefit of the little van camper, that we can park in a hotel parking lot no problem. It was good timing too - it was COLD. And the hotel room had a large, jacuzzi bathtub as well as a fireplace. We enjoyed ourselves. Would you believe that Fairfield, Iowa is known as the home of Mahareshi University of Transcendental Meditation OOH!

They played music at another unique venue

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