Monday, October 23, 2017

Workamper Rendezvous - a great week in Arkansas

We were booked to give our seminars at the workamper Rendezvous event in Heber springs, Arkansas for the dates of October 16-20. It's nearly 1200 from home. In our old, big rig, we would have allowed 5 days: 4 days driving, 1 day to spare. In our Roadtrek we allowed 4: 3+1. As it turned out it only took 2.5. This event was a little different from most on that it was held at a community center and we parked a few miles away at a corps of engineers campground. We usually park right at the event, and we like the convenience of living where we work. But this was such a nice campground! We really appreciated beauty, and since we were there a couple days early, we enjoyed it for a whole week.

The downside of traveling in our Roadtrek is that we only have the one vehicle, so we have to break camp, unplug, stow everything inside, and drive our motorhome to the event. It's not that bad though, since there are no slides and no stabilizing jacks. There's not that much stuff inside, and we're learning how to keep it stowed all the time. We got a lot of practice this week!

It was a larger crowd than we expected for our seminars. There were over 200 people and they all attended every seminar because there was only one series instead of 2 and 3 choices like at most rallies. We taught them how to make a blog, how to stay connected to internet whole traveling, and what apps we like to use. Then we had 2 special sessions after the event where we taught smart phone photography in small, hands on groups.

As usual, we also learned new stuff ourselves as we taught, but this time not all of it was good. After showing our favorite app for finding campground and other places too park - Allstays Camp and RV - we were told that they couldn't find it in the Google Play Store. Sure enough, we verified that it has been removed. It's still available in the iPhone. We're looking for suggestions for a replacement app on Android

The best part about this beautiful campsite? It also has really good Verizon service, so we were able to do a Facebook live session one day.

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