Monday, October 22, 2018

Arkansas and Workamper Rendezvous

We stayed in this same campground last year for the Workamper Rendezvous. So we knew what to expect. It's a beautiful campground with lots of good walking opportunities, and decent Verizon service, so we had no problem arriving a week early for the rally.
Beautiful campsite, and hardly any other people in the park

You know we like to play with our photos - this is using the Prisma app to turn a photo into art.
We spent the week, relaxing, walking, catching up on emails and web work. We were even able to produce one of our YouTube "What Does This Button Do?" shows. Episode 154 where we talked about our latest purchases in our Internet toolbox: Cellular Booster from TechnoRV and an AT&T hotspot from OTRMobile

Then came the rally. It's called the Workampers Rendezvous. People sign up for 4 days of seminars about living on the road and making money thru taking jobs at campgrounds and other places who hire transient workers. Or learning how to sell products as you travel. We like the way this rally is organized because there is only one track - all registered attendees attend all sessions. They don't have to decide between multiple seminars at any given time. So, for us, it means that even though it is a relatively small rally - approximately 200 people. All 200 of them were in our audience for each class. We taught 2 seminars (#3 and #4 on our seminar description page) Technology for Travelers  and Create your own website/travelog.

After the days of seminars, there was an extra day where people could sign up for post-rally special topics. We used that day to off our Smartphone Photography workshop. It's limited to 16 people and we people learn by doing. We really like teaching this class.

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