Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sydney: 17,000 steps, a visit to Google, and the Opera House

We are in Sydney, and our hotel is very conveniently located. From our hotel to the Sydney Opera house is just over one mile, to the Google offices is just a bit more, and there's a lot of stuff in between. It was a beautiful day. Hot, but beautiful, so we did a lot of walking and were proud to see we'd racked up 17,000 steps for the day.

Especially nice was the pedestrian bridge over the Darling Harbour. How pleasant to walk across the water, taking in the sights and not worrying about cars.

Why did we go to the Google offices? I'm glad you asked! Some Googlers (that's what you call Google employees) who work on Blogger (that's what I use to make this blog) work out of that office. I met Fontaine in Mountain View, CA last fall when I was at the Google Product Experts Summit.  When I learned she worked in the Sydney office, I asked if we could somehow visit when we were  in Sydney. Not only did she say yes, but she arranged for us to have lunch with a few other members of the Blogger team as well. Google is renowned for the great, free, food in their employee cafeterias - and Sydney is no exception. There is a rule of no photography inside the office building, but Fontaine had someone take a photo with with her phone so I have a memento to post here:
Fontaine, Michael, us, Ste, and Jaime got together to talk about Blogger ...and scuba diving!

I've used Blogger for this website since 2003 (check the archives) and we've taught a seminar called "Every Traveler Needs a Blog!" dozens, maybe hundreds, of times over the years. On our website we have 2 learning guides for Members, and many more short videos. 
I'm a real fan of and it was stimulating to chat with some of the people who build the product and hear their enthusiasm. Keep up the good work guys! And ... thanks for lunch.

Maritime Museum

Google offices were just down the street from the Sydney Maritime Museum, so off we went. 

There was an exhibit on sharks, a presentation on "Our Blue Planet" and a very special presentation on James Cameron. I know him primarily as the producer/director of Avatar, but he's so much more. His passion is in the depths of the ocean and, in Sydney, he built the submersible that would take him to the deepest part of the ocean. What an extraordinary man.

The Sydney Opera House

Few sights in the world are recognized as easily as the Sydney Opera house. Part of traveling, for us, is to experience a place that we know so well in photos. Such was our excitement for seeing the Sydney Opera House.
We wanted to be there at sunset time and hoped to see the "sails" of the opera house do a light-show after dark. We had a little bit of time to take a rest-break at our hotel, then head out about 7pm for the 8pm sunset. OMG - in the couple of hours in between, the weather got cool and very windy. It felt like a thunderstorm was brewing, but our weather apps did not call for rain - so we headed out walking. The apps were right - it didn't rain, but it sure was blustery and cold!
The first sight of the Opera house was thrilling.

We walked around and looked at it from all sides, then found a table at the outdoor bar/restaurant where you can continue to admire the view while paying $13 for a glass of wine. :-)

Unfortunately, the light show that displays on the sails did not happen this night. Check out this YouTube video for a glimpse of what we had hoped to see.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

We definitely appreciate you for teaching me how to do Blogger. It was only Two and a Half Months later that It's about time was born. Give them a big thanks from us as well.
Even though it is Summer in Australia the earth is still returning from its furthest axis from the Sun so like the Desert it gets cold at night.
Be Safe and Enjoy the rest of your trip.

It's about time.