Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Auckland Rocks!

We met Grant and Ali in Wyoming last summer while they were RVing in the US. They invited us to visit their home in Auckland. We accept those invitations! We already had one night booked at a downtown hotel (Scenic Hotel) then we spent 2 nights at their house before we picked up our rental RV.
Grant and Ali call themselves Gypsy Rockers - they travel all over the world and their passion is dancing Rock and Roll! While chatting in Wyoming they told us of the Rock and Roll clubs in New Zealand and how they go dancing all the time. I said I'd love to do that - so they took us out on Saturday night. What great fun! Do these kind of clubs exist in the States? I gotta find out.

Sightseeing in Auckland

We did spend one day walking around downtown (that's called CBD around here: Central Business District) Auckland and the Maritime museum.

Then Ali picked us up and took us home with her! It feels so much like California around here. It makes sense when you look at a map with Latitudes - San Francisco is about 38 degrees north of the equator and Auckland is about 38 degrees south. The temperature is similar, the plants are similar - we're just in opposite seasons. It's summer here - January is like July/August. It's hot inland, but the water is cool - about 22 degrees celsius (72 fahrenheit) so it makes for cool breezes.

When we got to their house, we settled in the guest bedroom, then had just the best New Zealand dinner ever - mussels! What a treat.

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