Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Kayak Diving and Lobster

 We did it. Our favorite thing - kayak diving. If your work is online, which most of our is, then being locked down at home doesn't lessen your work burden AT ALL. If anything it increases it. So, we decided to take December off. No YouTube Live shows. Sundays off.

What will we do? Well, there's plenty of work around the house, website maintenance, newsletter writing, bookkeeping, etc. But - the hope is that we will have the opportunity for our favorite pastime - kayak diving. Conditions have to be perfect, otherwise it's too much work. So, we check the ocean via webcam each morning. We're looking for it to be flat calm. I call it "My Ocean." I want it to be glassy smooth.  

There were two times this month (so far) that all the puzzle pieces fell into place. Work all done. No Zoom meetings scheduled. Feeling energetic enough. AND weather is good.

We even took the opportunity to scatter some of Mom's ashes in the ocean. Just a bit, because she mostly dove in Indonesia - so we will take her ashes there when we can.

Then we went diving and Jim caught lots of lobster!!

A couple weeks later, we went again.

Jim let me take his GoPro and I took some video while he grabbed the lobster. I'll add it to this post as soon as it's ready on YouTube.

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