Monday, December 07, 2020

What a difference a year makes

I just got my monthly email from Google showing me all the locations that I logged in Google Maps for the past month. Pretty pathetic:

Our Google timeline documents our self-imposed quarantine

Especially compared to last year
In 2019 we were doing our normal RV travels presenting seminars

I'm definitely starting to get antsy. But with the way the Virus is spiking these days, I expect that our map will continue it's emptiness for a while to come. Our big dive trip to the Maldives that got cancelled this past year was rescheduled to April of 2021. It's looking doubtful that those dates will work. The news is that we may be able to get vaccinated in the May/June time frame, so we won't be going anywhere until after that happens. 

As of today, December 7, the Covid-19 numbers in the United States according to the Google aggregate data.
Cases: 14.8 million
Deaths: 282,000  (863 per million population)

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

The really sad part is all the people who think it is all Fake News then end up on the other list.
That's the site we use for keeping track of world numbers.
Be Safe and Enjoy dreaming of your upcoming Dive.

It's about time.