Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Patting ourselves on the back

 We were finished with the FMCA rally in Gillette on Saturday, then we did Episode 216 "What Does This Button Do?" show on Sunday. Our topic was a recap of the rally, we gave just a little taste of each of the 4 seminars we presented:

  • 15:28 Class #1: Smartphone photography
  • 25:20 Class #2: Remembering travels – Blog
  • 31:40 Class #3: Organizing photos with Google Photos
  • 35:43 Class #4: Maps and Apps for RV Trip planning

I wish I could bottle the feeling that we get at these rallies! The closest I can come is this video of the applause at the end of a seminar.

In between seminars, people would visit us at our table. Many had questions about their smartphones. Between Jim and me, I think we had a 100% success rate with solving their issue or answering their question. Things like, 
  • why are all my photos showing up on my wife's phone?
  • how can my husband and I see each others' calendars
  • can I make my phone's screen less "touchy?"
  • show me how I can navigate to a photo, like you taught in the seminar
  • what was that app you taught that "beautifies" your photos and integrates with Google Photos? (Snapseed)
  • What's the difference between Google Photos and Amazon Photos, which one should I use? (both, but Google Photos as your primary, Amazon as backup)
  • Why is my phone not notifying me of text messages?
  • Why did I lose all my photos when I switched phones? .. once she learned how to search with Google Photos, she discovered that she hadn't lost her photos after all!
  • How do I use my phone as a hotspot for my computer?
  • Why am I not receiving my email on my iPhone?
It is SO much easier to answer people's questions when you're standing side by side and you can actually work with their phone. Usually, we're answering questions on our user Q&A forum where we have to depend on their written question and our written response. 

I also really enjoy the IRL (in real life) interaction because I get to learn things. For example, we teach how to use the iPhone's camera with the Portrait setting. I have been distressed by the fact that, with my iPhone SE, Portrait is only available for faces. I like to use it for flowers and other close up photos. By working with people with other phones, I learned that the limitation is only on the SE. Good to know!

Lots of people come by just to say "Thank You", and "your seminars are great!" I wish we could have recorded some of these, but we just couldn't do it. 

Here is a proud learner that wanted to show off the Map he created after learning about Google My Maps from us!

Here is the line of folks waiting to sign up for our membership after they learned so much in our seminars.

We've been doing these RV rallies since 2004. Why do we keep doing it? It's for all those pats on the back!

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