Thursday, July 29, 2021

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We learned of Heath and Alyssa years ago from our friends Chris and Cherie. We followed their website and were particularly interested in their New Zealand travels. We followed their lead and rented an RV for our New Zealand adventure. We continued to follow Heath and Alyssa's blog as their life changed. They had a baby and started to look to settle down. Ever the entrepreneur, they decided to buy property for an RV park. They settled on a home and property in Montrose Colorado. 
But we're not talking just any RV Park. Heath and Alyssa are RV Entrepreneurs, and they have built a community of like-minded RVers. They produce an annual RV Entrepreneur Summit where experienced folks talk and wannabes listen. They wanted an RV park where their community would be happy to stay and work. An RV park, a community, a co-working space. A new place for a new kind of entrepreneur. 
We were intrigued.
We made arrangements to stay a couple of nights at their "Schoolhouse with a view" They made it clear that it really was not an RV Park yet. No hookups, no roads. But they did have boondocking parking areas and they did have the schoolhouse, a communal area with showers, kitchen, a gathering area for all the guests, and high speed Internet - fiber optic 300 mbps. 
We have a strong feeling that anything Heath and Alyssa set their minds to will be a success, and we wanted to see it.
We made our reservations using a booking system called
We were coming in from the north after visiting the Colorado National Monument, so we stopped in town for a late lunch/early dinner. We found Horsefly Brewing Co. in Montrose that was quite accomodating. Beer and fish tacos - yum
Their campground is right on the main road (550) south of town, there is no sign so we had to pay close attention to the Google Map directions to the lat/lon position. Once we turned in we were in a large gravel parking lot with a line of trees at the back. That was the designated parking.
Boondocking only. See the schoolhouse at the left. That is the communal space.

The main room in the schoolhouse. This is where their RV Entrepreneur Summit will be held.

Separate rooms provide a space to do our online streaming, using their high-speed Internet connection

I hope we get to come back in a couple of years and see how it turned out!

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