Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Ahoy me Matey's - Phil turns 60

 Phil and Tracey know how to throw a party. When they partnered with us to host an RV rally 10-12 years ago, they made sure that everyone had fun. This party was going to last 5 days. 

  1. Dinner at spanish restaurant
  2. Karaoke and cake
  3. Pirate Party
  4. "Musical chairs" Dinner at Taj Majal
  5. Classic car show
We stayed in a room over the pub - what a delight. It was a B&B so all we had to do in the morning was walk down the stairs and sit down to breakfast. Walk down in the afternoon for happy hour. Walk down at night for the Karaoke party. The food was great, no buffet of meats and pastries for this B&B - no, we could choose from eggs benedict, full English breakfast, and a couple other choices. Yum. 

The pub where much of the festivities occured, and our room was just over the bar.

Several others who had come by plane, or car, were staying here as well. We got reacquainted with Sue and Nobert who we knew from our previous visit. We're hoping they'll come visit us sometime.

The karaoke night was a real riot. I'm accustomed to karaoke parties where there are actually good singers - so I'm intimidated from participating. I love to sing, but if you heard me you probably wouldn't call it singing! Well, this was the karaoke party for me! I don't think anyone called it singing, but everyone called it fun!

Phil and Tracey, the hosts of the party

You really have to see the video for this one - they're 'singing' Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody 

Then, the next night was the main party. The Pirate theme. People went all out with their costumes! Jim and I just found a second-hand store in Bexhill and put a few things together. A black and white striped shirt, a red sash, a black scarf. I think we fit in OK. Jim even picked up a pair of clip-on earrings!

Jim and the birthday boy


Ahoy me mateys! This was a great party


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