Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy Holidays! I usually view Christmas as way too much effort and money. I prefer to take a vacation and ignore it. But, as with so many things in the RV, the effort is so minimal that ... what the heck! I bought a potted Norfolk Pine from Lowe's for about $5, Jim got 2 little strands of lights for $2 each, and he had a few ornaments he saved from the house. And, you can't fit too many presents under there! It's so cute! I'm even playing some Christmas music ... Jim has at least a dozen CD's collected over the years. And, for New Year's I'm going to revive an old tradition of mine and have an 'Open-House' brunch. Or, make that an 'Open-motorhome' brunch. We'll park it at Easterlin, a local County Park, and anyone who wants to come by is welcome. It will be a sort of bon voyage party too, since we expect to be leaving town in a month or so.

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