Sunday, December 07, 2003

Living and Working in our Motorhome

Hey! We've actually been acting like we live in a motorhome the last few days! There's an RV park in central/western Florida - Riverbend - who also has Coach Connect wireless internet service - like we have here - and they needed some help getting folks connected. So, Coach Connect asked if we would pay them a visit on Friday.

 We left Fort Lauderdale Thursday afternoon and pulled in to John Prince park in Lantana just before dark. That is such a pretty place, I had to take a couple photos.

We relaxed there for the evening, got a good night's sleep and hit the road early the next morning. We arrived at Riverbend and had a dozen or so eager students waiting for our presentation. We set up our computer and projector, but the room was too light and there was no wall to project - so we improvised and used my 19" monitor for the audience to look at. Not ideal, but it worked. Everyone was full of questions and Jim and I were full of answers. It was great. The wireless internet connection worked just fine and Jim was able to explain it to everyone's satisfaction - even though there were some system engineers in the crowd. Then we spent the rest of the day there helping individuals get online.

 It was successful all the way around, but one site took a while and was a little flaky. Jim gave him our number and we may be hearing from him again. One thing I realized while Jim was giving the main presentation is that so many people use services like AOL or MSN or Earthlink or Walmart for their email. I don't think they realize that they don't have to have their email with the company that provides their internet connection. I told them about using a webhost like to get their own domain name and email addresses and they seemed VERY intrigued. I think I should put together a package to set people up with their own domain, email, and website - probably using blogger.

Here's our rig at Riverbend:

When we were done there, we went to a place down the road to spend the night. Riverbend is a 'Class A only' resort, so we couldn't stay there. They sent us to a place down the road called 'Grandma's Groves'. Pretty cool, camping in the middle of an orange grove!

It was so peaceful and quiet. It was also a bit chilly the next morning. We tried out the little space heater my Dad gave us and it warmed up nicely. Then the sun came out and bathed us all in glory:

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