Saturday, December 10, 2005


Well, we're back in Arizona. After a couple days of R&R in Quartzsite after the Austin trade show, we were back on the Arizona highways to Casa Grande. We're currently staying at Palm Creek Golf and RV resort because they have LOTS of WiFi users needing help. There's almost 2000 sites here. It's nice to feel wanted ... the management here provides us with a complimentary site. We told them we weren't sure what our schedule is, but we'll definitely stay here for a couple weeks. They reserved us a site thru the end of March! hmmm, think they're telling us something? Here's our site: And, can you tell that the weather is beautiful? It's even warming up today - 70 degrees in the sun. It's been in the low 40s at night - brrr. We were here in January last year and it rained a lot. I don't think it has rained since! I've taken to boiling water in an open pan just to put a little humidity in the air inside the motorhome. Our first visit here this year was last month and we were VERY busy because there was a backlog - both Jim and I were out and about all day every day. This time, Jim is doing most of the 'housecalls' and I get to do my normal computer work. We're also giving our seminars. We really like doing those - especially when people tell us afterward that they went home and tried the things that they learned and their WiFi works so much better now!! Here's Jim coming back from some of his rounds. Odie loves to ride in the cart! We've also been able to take advantage of some of the facilities this time around. Believe it or not, we went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the stairmaster. I know, it's nothing like the 1.5 hour workouts I used to have with my dance group, but hey! it's a start. Then, of course, we rewarded ourselves with a soak in the hot tub. Life is Good. Here's photos from Palm Creek's website of the gym and an aerobics class I may try next.

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