Monday, December 05, 2005

Convention Time

Last week Jim and I flew to Austin to help work the Coach Connect / Road Connect booth at the ARVC convention. The Phoenix airport is a ZOO!! We allowed 2 hours extra time before our flight and we needed every minute of it. Austin was a piece of cake. I didn't realize how big a city Phoenix is and how small Austin is. It's fun to see how a booth comes together for a trade show like this. You only do it once/year and in the meantime, everything has changed, so you can't just pull out what you did last year. We decided to use part of the booth to present a short seminar, but it needed to take up as small a space as possible. Our projector can do rear projection, but we needed a screen to project onto. Jim and I put our heads together and came up with a big black piece of foam core. We cut out the projection area. Then, Jim found some nice edging to finish it off and a piece of gauzy white material to stretch over the opening. We were quite proud of ourselves for having concocted this. And it did do the job ... but it still took up too much room and looked a little more like a Punch and Judy show than a high-tech presentation. So, at the 11th hour, Frank called around to rental centers and ordered a 60 inch TV with computer inputs. It was delivered at 9am when the show started at 10! Hey! Plenty of time! And, it looked great. The other thing that comes together for trade shows is people. It is so rare to have everyone involved in the company together. So, we did our share of partying! Whew! It's a good thing this only happens once a year. I'm exhausted. We're back in our cozy motorhome in Quartzsite, AZ now and I spent all day yesterday in bed, with a novel, nursing a cold. We get back on the road tomorrow.

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