Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 16 = 2 years

We got back to South Florida and our home park, Paradise Island, on Sunday, April 16. That's 2 years, to the day, since we first took to the road! Oh no! We're not done yet. It may say 'Start: " on April 16, 2004, but it does not say 'Finish: ' on April 16, 2006. It's just that when we noticed that our plans put us in S Florida in April, we couldn't seem to help ourselves ... our computer-logic sensibilities required that we arrive exactly on the 16th. Maybe it's the same logic that made us get married on the 4th of July - easy to remember. We chose April 16 for our original departure date because Jim had several CPA offices as computer network clients and he wanted to be sure they made it thru the crunch with no computer problems. So, April 16 is easy to remember, and now we know that in 2 years' time we covered:

States: 36 Miles: 28,252 National Parks: 30 (see complete list here) Gas Cost: $8,214 (just for RV, not toad) Site Rent: $6,032 RV Maintenance: $6,538 (includes body work from tire blowouts, tires, oil changes, optional suspension improvements) Average length of stay: 4.5 nights Average travel time between sites: 4 hours Highest price paid for gas: $3.59 (Essex, CA on 3/5/2006) Lowest paid for gas: $1.63 (Van Horn, TX on 12/10/2004) Highest price paid for site rent: $45 (Harper's Ferry KOA, 6/14/2005) Lowest price paid (not free) for site rent: $8/night (Lolo National Forest CG, Montana. 7/9/2004)

As long as I found myself in a statistics-gathering, data-crunching mood, I just spent some time to finish another little project. For every month (well, almost) of our travels so far, I have figured the miles traveled, gas cost and site rent cost. The numbers would not pass an audit, but they're a lot more accurate than ballpark! I'm a data geek, I can't help myself. I know there are some others of us out there too - thought you might enjoy the numbers.


Anonymous said...

Chris & Jim, I still remember the post you made two years ago when you first pulled out. Big time congrats on the adventure. So many wonder and fret about how to accomplish it and you guys did it.

Have a great time in the upcoming months, and your readers will be here when you hit the road again!

Anonymous said...

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