Saturday, April 08, 2006

Biloxi - good news, bad news

The good news is that there are a couple of casinos in Biloxi that are open, and we were able to park for the night for free. We called the Imperial Palace and asked if there was any parking for motorhomes ... they directed us to a parking area under the freeway. We had dinner at the IP's buffet and it was excellent! The casino was packed. The other good news is we got to put a new state on our map. The last time we were thru Mississippi we didn't spend the night - and you can't put a state on the map if you just drive thru! The last good news is that the town is bustling with activity ... if you're into demolition or construction - there's lots of work to be done in Biloxi, they *are* rebuilding. The bad news is that the level of devastation is overwhelming. Here's the Beau Rivage - it actually looks in tact from the outside, but we understand the first two floors are wiped out from flooding on the inside. It is currently closed. We heard a story that the newest casino - the Hard Rock cafe claimed that their decorative guitar was completely hurricane proof ... well, if you look close it is damaged .. but it is still there. More scenes along the beach. It looks like a war zone, doesn't it? There's no gas being pumped here at any price!

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