Friday, April 14, 2006

Tom and Candy's River Resort

I didn't realize how tired we were! We've traveled 3000 miles in the last 2 weeks, staying only one or two nights in any spot with the exception of 3 nights in Big Bend and 4 in Austin. We love to travel, but we're tired. When we got to my Dad's, we crashed. We were very happy just to hang out at their place. They even have added 30 amp electrical service to their RV site! The weather has been so perfect, and they have such a great view from their porch, Jim was quite content to sit at Dad's laptop computer on the porch and watch the day go by. We let my Dad cook for us. And we watched Candy water her flowers. Today we felt lively enough for a boat ride. They have a Boston Whaler, and it was a gorgeous day. The house is right on Lake Rousseau, which is fed by the Withlacoochee river. The first sight was of an Osprey nest. Seeing the houses from the water side is so much more interesting than from the road. They ain't kidding! Alligators, and Anhingas... and Egrets and Turtles Here's Dad driving the boat I loved it. So did Odie The beauty is so much more than just the scenery. The fresh air, warm sunshine and cool breeze. The sound of the bird songs and the splash of the water. The smell of campfires and forest. There's just not much that can beat Florida rivers for beauty.

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