Monday, December 11, 2006

3 hours from home to home

Since we're wintering at a park that's just 3 hours from 'home' - we figured we'd visit about once a month. We're in Fort Lauderdale right now, staying at my Mom's. We also scheduled a dermatologist checkup for today. Jim got an A+ from the doctor and I got 4 of those annoying pre-cancerous spots frozen off my face. Ouch, I hate that, but I feel good about catching them early. We'll go home tomorrow. Mom just got back from a trip to Namibia (southwest Africa). She took 5 hours of video and I'm trying to edit a 5 minute clip to upload to her website. It's fun, but it's time-consuming. Unfortunately, I need some software on my computer to complete the process, so I won't be able to upload the finished product till I'm back at Peace River. That's really too bad because she has such a nice fast connection to the Internet. I love my satellite connection, but you realize what speed should be when you use a land-line DSL like at my Mom's, or a Cable connection like at Jim's Dad's. Especially when talking about uploading several megabytes of video! More later

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