Tuesday, December 05, 2006

GOT Seminars?

Our new business name is Geeks on Tour. Jim realized that it spells GOT. So, GOT Seminars? We do! I was planning on spending the day yesterday using my Coldfusion skills to program a calendar into displaying on our www.geeksontour.com home page. I wanted to use Coldfusion so it would link to a database where I already have all the seminars and dates, times etc. all entered. I know how to do this, but I'm not very fast at it yet. Jim says, "why don't you just use Google Calendar? You can embed the calendar right on your page." hmmm, ok, I'll take a look. It's done. That was easy. I'd still prefer it to be getting the information dynamically from my database - but the difference of getting it online in 10 minutes vs. 6 hours is pretty compelling. Go to www.geeksontour.com and check it out. Or, I can embed it right here as well ... Make sure to use the 'agenda' view.

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