Saturday, December 02, 2006

Laundry Day

At the risk of getting hate mail from folks up north, I'm posting a photo of how I do laundry here at Thousand Trails Peace River. It's December 2 and it's 80 degrees outside. The heated pool is about 85 or so. Yep, that's me in the lounge chair and that's the laundry building. Honest, our clothes are in the washer. I couldn't get a picture of me in the pool for fear of splashing the camera. Laundry is a nasty job but somebody's gotta do it! Posted by Picasa


Schooner said...

Hi Chris,
One of the things I miss is teasing my friends and family about the great weather in FL. My favorite pass time in FL was watching the news and seeing the snow and cold in my home state Maine.
enjoy, bill

RoadAbode said...

Nah, No Hate Mail, But I'm looking forward to the day we can enjoy the same! Without posts like this - I would have no Idea what I was missing - and can strive for!
Thanks for sharing (really!)


Gypsy John said...

Actually if I were doing what you are doing, I'd be frozen to death in a matter of minutes. It's ONLY 26 degrees here in Kerrville, TX right now and it's supposed to reach a high of 42 today! BRRRRRRR!!!!

And the people I know in the North are envious of me? SNOWBIRD?