Saturday, February 10, 2007

What a Beautiful Day

We had a few days of cold, rainy weather. Just enough to make us appreciate the normal, beautiful, perfectly gorgeous, truly awesome weather here in Florida in the winter. It's been getting into the 50s at night, cold enough to enjoy cuddling under the blankets, but not really cold enough to need the heater. Then the sparkling sunshine comes filtering thru the trees and the spanish moss. It warms up to the high 70s in the afternoon. The warm sunshine is even appealing enough to lure me away from the computer to sit outside with a book for a while. And, of course, Odie and I take a walk along the nature trail while Jim is doing his 'help-desk' duty at the WiFi hotspot here. We just love this nature trail. We always notice something new each time, like these colorful little flowers.

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Paula and Tom said...

Hey Chris
Keep the thermostat turned up. We'll be leaving frigid Pennsylvania on Friday and after some wandering we'll settle in at Arcadia for March.