Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting Busy

We had our first seminar here at Palm Creek on Monday. What a treat to have a room like this. We usually have to schlep our projector and screen wherever we go to do our presentations. This room has a huge screen that drops down from the ceiling with a push of a button! It also has a really bright, good projector mounted to the ceiling. All we have to do is plug our computer in and start 'seminaring'. And, this is the room we have reserved for two seminars each week - all winter long! To see the always-up-to-date schedule, just look at the bottom of our home page at Jim has also volunteered to manage the computer room. That sounds like a lot of work to me. It's a room with 12 computers all connected to the Internet available for guest use. That's like one of our classrooms at my old company, Computer Savvy, where Jim was the network administrator for over 100 computers in 7 different classrooms. I thought he *never* wanted to do that again! I think he just wants to have someplace to go so he can get away from me! Both of us have had a few service calls. Jim responds to guests' cries for help when they can't get connected to the Internet or something else doesn't work on their computer. I respond when they want to learn how to use their computer. I think my job is more fun!
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