Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Settling In

We are now at our 'base of operations' for the winter. Palm Creek Golf and RV in Casa Grande, Arizona - just south of Phoenix, halfway between Phoenix and Tucson.
We're going to be here thru March. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello! We're in site 1363. We've been in this park several times in the past, the last time in January 2006. It feels different this time and I think a lot has to do with being more seasoned RVers. We feel more at home now, and we're taking advantage of all the amenities. We've only been here 3 days and we've already played pickleball twice and used the pool and hot tub twice. There are 8 pickleball courts here!
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Chris said...

Here comes a dumb question.

Get ready...

Do I have to be staying in Palm Creek Golf and RV to take one of you seminars there??

I warned you it was a dumb question...

Chris Guld said...

Actually, we don't know the answer to that one yet. I expect that people from outside the park *will* be able to attend, but, apparently there have been times in the past where seminars have been offered here and there was not enough room for park guests because it was full of outsiders. That issue doesn't really apply to us, but the rules are a little gray right now. We'd love to see you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris & Jim -

The Geezers are working their way west from a visit to Maine. Our winter 'nesting' place will be Gila Bend, AZ, but we hope to attend a small rally in Casa Grande next Feb - we'll be sure to take you up on your invitation to drop by to say "HELLO"! We LOVE following your adventures via your blog - keep up the great work.
L 'n D (ponyladylATyahoo.com)