Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Palm Creek Sunset

By the end of this season, you're probably going to be sick of seeing photos of sunsets on this blog. Brilliant sunsets are the norm out here in the desert, and they are just such irresistable photo subjects. So ... here's your first one! Back at Palm Creek, with their signature *tall* palms wrapped in lights. Both Jim and I are pretty busy here. We gave our Picasa seminar on Monday, and Tuesday I got back to work on some website projects and he had service calls helping people in the park with connecting to the Internet. He also had a service call outside the park. One of our Datastorm installation customers. You would think it would be impossible to offer personal follow up service when he installed this satellite dish in Florida last January, and here we are in Arizona. But, since our customer travels too ... it's just as likely that they're nearby! After spending the past week at the Datastorm rally and watching the top company technicians struggle over difficult satellite issues, Jim was apprehensive when he left for this call. But he was smiling when he came back! Nothing makes him happier than fixing someone's computer/Internet problem. Later in the afternoon, our good friends Diane and Andy pulled into Casa Grande. Oh Boy! We would love for them to stay here, parked next door, but they had a coupon for a free stay at the 'Western Horizons' park about five miles away. That price is hard to beat, especially compared to $42/night here! So, we went and visited them. I'd say we spent time catching up with their travels .. but we didn't need to because Diane keeps a great blog! We already knew where they've been and what they've been doing, so we got to talk more in depth. You know ... talk about those *feelings* that don't belong on a public blog. Like Diane and I talked about how we feel about being on the road and trying to make a living. And Jim and Andy talked about how they *feel* about 'winter' vs. 'summer' beers! :-) They did come visit us the next night and get a tour of Palm Creek. Here are their smiling faces.
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Anonymous said...

Love that shot and perspective. Well done Chris!!! Its gorgeous!!