Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy your Cellular Data Card or Router Today!

Internet access on the road is getting better and better. Wi-Fi, Satellite, and especially cellular have improved immensely. We use all three at different times and places. Cellular seems to be taking over. People *love* their data cards. We don't have one - we use our cell phone tethered - so we don't know enough about them. When someone wants to know details, we send them to for information and we often hear back that they purchased product from the sister site, We've talked to so many happy customers of 3GStore, that we signed up as an affiliate. 3GStore is having a sale right now for 'Black Friday.' If you're in the market for any cellular data cards, booster antennas, or routers, check out their special prices in this online sale this weekend. And, if you buy after using the link below - Geeks on Tour will receive a small commission.

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paulsharol said...

recently went to Bryce Canyon Utah no cell phone service on some phones but had internet access

Chris Guld said...

Same kind of experience here. Traveling across 'Alligator Alley' in Florida. Using my cell phone - couldn't make a voice call, but it connected to the internet just fine. I guess digital signal needs less power than voice/analog??