Monday, November 24, 2008

More Website Tools

I'm always researching and reading about new ways of doing things on the web. Lord knows there's enough of them, I like to keep up with at least a few! Today, while trying to give someone an intelligent response about why Blogger always imports photos to the top of your post, I ran across this blog post by someone else about the same problem. They recommended using Windows Live Writer. hmmm ... what's that? I figured I should go check it out, so I'm writing this post using Windows Live Writer.

I downloaded it for free from Microsoft. Now I could be writing this blog post while disconnected from the Internet.

I use the 'Insert Picture' command, and the picture appears right where my cursor is instead of the top of the post! Nice. It shows the size as 640X427 ... this looks smaller.


So, now I'll click the 'Publish' button and see what happens.

Wow! That was pretty slick. And the photo gets uploaded to blogger's servers. The size when you click on it is 640X427. The image in the blog itself is smaller ... I'll have to see if I can figure that one out. Windows Live Writer also lets me insert a link that automatically opens in a new window. That's a nice feature that has been on my wish list for blogger. Oh dear ... another new tool. And, of course, if this is good - I should probably look into the rest of the Windows Live tools.


Anonymous said...

Awesome tool! Thanks so much! It works great!

Diane said...

So you can write your blog and insert pictures when you don't have internet access? Then just publish later when you do? That would be cool - I needed that a number of times!

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Seemed to work well. I am going to use it again for my next post.


Keith and Kathy said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You for suggesting Live Writer. I've just given it a brief test drive, and it appears to solve my two greatest frustrations with blogger, including the clumsey text editing and formating, and, most especially, the difficulty placing pictures where you want them. This one suggestion is worth more to me than the anual cost of subscription to your website.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Keith & Kathy Sheffler (formerly Keith Sheffler and Kathy Brown).

Michael Lockridge said...

When I clicked on the image in your blog I got an image about the dimension you mentioned. Perhaps the software creates a representative thumbnail in the blog that references the full sized image.