Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sky Deck

People are often amazed that Jim and I live full time in a 30 foot Class C motorhome. It is small, but the layout is so perfect - we just love it. We often go looking at other RVs just for fun. Even when we see half-a-million dollar coaches we still look at each other and say, "I like ours better." And, it's a good thing!

This week, for the first time, I saw something I actually liked better. A sky deck!

From Lazy Days DataStorm Rally

From Lazy Days DataStorm Rally
We've actually seen this before and thought it was interesting but couldn't see really using it. This week we got to know Beverly and Alan and their SkyDeck coach. they love it. It's where they socialize, watch the sunset, and often sleep under the stars. Bugs don't seem to congregate up that high, and there's always a good view. It was SO pleasant. Uh Oh. Here's how the stairs look from the inside:
From Lazy Days DataStorm Rally
And the outside:
From Lazy Days DataStorm Rally
They told us that only 20 of these were made. It's an Airstream product.

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1 comment:

Diane said...

We've actually slept on the roof of our RV once - in Death Valley b/c of the heat. This would've made it more comfortable, for sure!