Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a Wonderful World

We're back in Fort Lauderdale after a delightful weekend at Orlando Thousand Trails. We were quite happy with the turnout for our seminars with such little notice. Of course, there was no charge, so that's part of the reason! One thing I've enjoyed while being here this winter is going to a Sunday morning Buddhist meditation session with my Mom. When meditating you are asked to visualize that the outside world has disappeared. Your whole world is just ... you. No bosses, no customers, no mortgages or bills to pay. No stress. No worries. Just ... you. Breathe deep. Enjoy the freedom. It struck me as we were going thru this visualization this morning ... that's how I feel about RVing. When we're driving down the road in our self-contained cocoon-home, the outside world disappears. No stress. No worries. Just us and the rhythm of the road. aaaaahhhhhhh We will be back on the road soon. We were originally booked for the Country Coach Rally March 9, in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Unfortunately, that rally has been cancelled. We're leaving the first week of March and headed towards Perry, Georgia for the FMCA convention - March 16-19. We will be presenting 6 different seminars, PLUS our hands-on Computer Boot Camp. It's going to be a great week. One of my favorite songs, and such a sweet video.
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Diane said...

you're leaving the first week in March?! I hope we'll get to see you guys before you leave!!