Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl Party at Paradise Island

We had planned on doing our movie nights here at Paradise Island RV while we were here this winter, but never seemed to get around to it, just too much set up work. But, as Bill (the park manager) and Jim discussed how best to watch the Superbowl, they hatched a plan. A custom-built frame with a big white screen ... a satellite television dish and receiver ... and our LCD projector. It took a bit of work, but it turned out great! And, what a perfect day/evening we had! The party started just after noon, with hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer. The weather even cooperated into the evening. About 70 degrees, maybe a little cooler - dry, and no wind. Just perfect.
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Anonymous said...

My mozilla havn't special plugin
and i can't see the video. That I will do?