Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting Ready

We leave next week to hit the road for our summer 'Tour.' After being in one place for 5 months, there's a lot on our list to get done before we go. We took the motorhome to the shop last week to get front brakes worked on. Jim did a tuneup on the generator so it starts right up and hums along now. We got our new mail forwarding address set up with St. Brendan's Isle so we can just log on and view our scanned mail. And, most every night is booked with a last week dinner party!

One of the last things on our list was to wash and wax 'Oh Boy' - that's what we call our motorhome! Yesterday, Jim's son Devon and his friend Steven, came over to do just that. Now it's all shiny and we're ready! Thanks Devon!

We went to our last Toastmaster's meeting this morning and decided to take a picture in front of our shiny home with our go-to-meeting clothes that we won't be wearing for a while! And, our friend Jimmy Lyon from Long Beach Island is visiting for the week, so Jim just had to go out for a couple extra dives with him. He came home with an impressive lobster on the last dive! We're almost ready. Our first stop will be Peace River, then my Dad's in northern Florida, then the FMCA convetion in Perry, Georgia.

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Chris said...

5 months in one place! Now that's the way I'd like to fulltime..
That way I could be warm in the winter and summer.... I've been cold all winter long.

I see Jim's got his dinner,, what are you going to eat?
Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Great looking rig and lobstahs!

We will be absent from FMCA, as I have a gig in Louisville, KY that overlaps.

Glad to have the gig, but sorry to miss seeing you two!


Greg said...

OMG!You two clean up wicked, good, as they say in Maine and at the Lobster Festival! While I love the two of you dearly I am glad we were not near you for Valentines day. Why? because Jimbos roses AND lobsters would surely steal my sweetheart away...or at least put me in the doghouse with Abby and Odie. I love them too, but not where I wanna be!
Chris, Does papa Guld love you or what? Nice kindle, girl.
May I please please please borrow Devon and Steven for a couple days to clean up Buster, our coach. The winter desert weather has rendered him filthy...and I am not talking about rich, here.
Have a great season out there, guys!