Thursday, June 17, 2010

The People We Meet

Jim here.  I’m batching it for a couple of weeks in Kentucky while Chris is in Florida.  I have plenty to keep me busy.  She left a nice honey do list.  Chris is trying to spend quality time with her mom, visiting friends and shuttling my dad to his various appointments, so she is much too busy to post to the blog.

One of the best things about this lifestyle is meeting new and intersting people.  Often, they become your neighbor for a short time, then they are on their way.

New neighbors pulled in the other day with cool graphics on their 5th wheel, including a web address.

I’m always intrigued by that kind of advertising, and promptly visited their website.  Turns out, their 5er is a Traveling Custom Tattoo Studio.

When I introduced myself, they were unloading a couple of bikes to clear their workspace.  Here is a pic of the 1950 Harley Davidson Panhead and ‘96 Sportster.

LongJon and wife Pinky are in their second year RVing.  They sold the studio in Phoenix after 11 years in business there.  LongJon was a writer for motorcycle and tattoo magazines when he apprenticed with a master artist in Tennessee some 16 years ago. 

Pinky was an aspiring artist and wanted to learn the tattoo trade.  She presented her artwork and asked LongJon for an apprenticeship.

I visited with them last night at their rig and got to see them at work. 

A local couple from Louisville who had been following the Roadshow on the web, contacted them and arranged for some tattoos. 

Pinky was just finishing up an arm tattoo on Jena and LJ was busy with Eric’s larger artwork.  They graciously allowed pictures and comfortably chatted while art happened.  Eric has several tattoos and said LongJon has a nice light touch.  

  Here is the final result:

We talked about working on the road and particularly the knowledge and sanitary requirements unique to their line of work.  I was impressed with their professionalism and style.

They left today for a bike rally in Rockingham, NC then they travel out to Montana.  They expect to log 14K miles this season doing 5 or 6 major gigs and several private events. 

If you happen to see them in your travels, be sure to say Hi from the Geeks.

Travel safely.

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RIch said...

You missed the opportunity to get a "Geeks-on-Tour" tat. Or maybe you didn't.