Tuesday, June 08, 2010

RV.net Blog

I’ve been following information on the RV.net website since before we started RVing.  The forums are an incredible wealth of information.  You can ask a question and, within an hour, you will have several answers.  So, in late 2007, when I saw a call for Bloggers to write for a new RV.net Blog – I jumped on it and filled out all the information, including a link to this personal blog so they could see that I write for the long run. 

A month or so later I got a phone call from Leslie saying that I had been chosen as their Blogger on Computer issues for the RV.net blog.  I have never been so excited over news that I had years worth of work to do … with no pay!  It’s amazing what we will do for recognition!

That was 2 1/2 years ago now and with rare exceptions, I’ve written an article for them every single week.  I love the fact that the obligation makes me come up with something to say about computers and traveling every week.  I also love that my articles are seen by many thousands more people because of RV.net’s following.  I keep a list of all the articles on our website.

Last year, we got to meet Leslie and David in person at The Rally in Albuquerque.  Yesterday we got to visit them in their Affinity offices in downtown Bowling Green.  Good people – we enjoy being affiliated with them and look forward to The Rally this year in Louisville.

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Congrats on becoming a writer for them! The site is a good resource for the RV community!

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