Saturday, September 18, 2010

Escapees Rally – The Escapade

This was the last rally of our ‘Summer Tour.’ And it went great.  The Escapees RV club has been around a long time.  This was the 50th Escapade.  There were about 800 RVs there, which represents nearly 1600 people. 
We presented 3 seminars: Internet on the Road, Managing Digital Photos with Picasa, and Narrated Slide shows with Photo Story 3.  This picture comes from our Internet class … notice all the Show and Tell goodies on our table: Wi-Fi antennas, cellular antennas, tethered Droid.

And here’s the Photo Story 3 class:

And, for 5 1/2 days we had a booth.  We usually don’t have that much time where we’re just hanging around and can see people.  It was great!  In addition to our normal DVDs and Books with tutorial videos, we helped a lot of people with little computer issues, handed out free trial disks of Streets and Trips, and swapped Droid stories with lots of new Droid owners.
We let Odie out a couple times a day, but for the most part he had to stay in the motorhome.  Odie doesn’t like rallies!
And, we were always prepared to visit with friends at happy hour time … note the wine bottle in my pocket!
Thanks to Sharon Del Rosario for those last two pictures.  Ah, and Alice Gibson sent us this one of the two of us in our booth.  Just to prove that I was there!  So, there is a reason for my aching feet!  5 days standing on concrete floor … if we do much of this, we’ve got to get those spongy floor tiles.
Now we’re off to Florida.  The whole family is getting together, flying to Seattle, and taking an Alaska cruise.

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