Thursday, September 23, 2010

ON vacation and OFFline!

Trying to get dozens of last minute things done in preparation for taking off on our cruise in Alaska.  We leave today.  We plan to be offline for 10 days ... I'm already feeling withdrawal symptoms!  We’ll be back home (at the RV in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on October 4.

Well, we will have our Droids with us, so, anywhere there's Verizon signal we will be checking email and facebook.  But, we won't do much responding.  We won't be handling business.  Although I do have to get our newsletter out tonight ... I don't think I can let that go till we get back.  I am taking our little netbook computer – mostly as a depository for all the pictures we plan to take – so I’m planning to finish our newsletter while on the plane and upload it from the hotel room in Seattle.  But, once we’re on the cruise ship tomorrow … then we’re really on vacation – honest!

Odie stays home

I so prefer RV travel where you take your whole home with you – pets and all.  Usually, if we need to fly somewhere, we can leave Odie with my Mom, or Jim’s Dad … but they’re going with us on this trip!  Jo Ellen, Jim’s ex-wife, has also offered to take Odie on occasion … but she’s also going with us on this trip!  :-)  Yes, that needs to be a whole other blog post doesn’t it?!  Jo Ellen is part of our extended family.  We thought about some other friends, but when we learned that our across-the-street-neighbor (Max) at the RV park had just started a dog-walking service ;-) we figured he’d be happier in the RV than at a friend’s house where he’d never stayed before.  And Charlie, our immediate next-door neighbor promises to look in on him and give him a treat every day! 

Use Facebook

Meanwhile, be sure to follow us on Facebook.  Facebook is just so much easier to post short updates … it is becoming our ‘mini-blog.’  It also helps that we can so easily update our Facebook status directly from our Droid cellphones.  So, while waiting in line at the airport we can post a quick note about our whereabouts.  Or, when getting ready to board the cruise ship, we can take a picture of the ship (with the Droid’s camera feature) and, with one click upload that picture to our facebook profile.  Or, when we’re taking the train ride up the gold rush trail to White Pass, we can take video of the amazing scenery and upload that to youtube or facebook.  Okay, okay, we’ll put the phones in our pocket and just enjoy the scenery for some of the time!
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