Monday, September 13, 2010

What a Difference a Year makes

We’re at the Escapees rally in Goshen, Indiana.  It’s the 50th Escapade.  We came for the first time last year, and, other than a few vendors – we didn’t know many people.  Most of our time was spent in a booth twiddling our thumbs.  Probably the best thing that happened last year was meeting Phil and Tracy May from Techno RV.  They have a great booth with lots of cool techie gadgets.  They’re from England originally and they now travel the US in their motorhome with their 2 teen agers Ally and Josh.  We’ve since gotten together with them for wine-tasting in Albuquerque and beer-tasting in Redmond, Oregon.  Last week we joined them for the Amish dinner and buggy ride I wrote about in a previous post.  This past Friday they threw a birthday party for Ally and Josh here at the fairgrounds and we had a blast.  We were too busy eating and dancing to even take any pictures!  But, we were tagged in an album of Phil’s facebook photos.

Sunday was spent in the booth all day … and it was a steady stream of people saying “Hello, we’re members and we love your videos!”  OR “Hi Chris and Jim, we saw your seminars in Albuquerque and can’t wait to attend more here.”  OR “Oh, there are the Geeks!  Let’s give them a big hug and take our picture with them!”  and lots of, “Hey Geeks on Tour, we love your website and have learned so much, thank you!”

I think this is going to be a great week!


Karen and Al said...

You know you're famous when people want to have their pictures taken with you! That's got to be a good thing for your business.

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