Monday, September 20, 2010

Geeks 2010 ‘Tour’ is Over

Wow!  What a summer.  Below is a map of our summer.  Doesn’t it look like we’re trying to Lasso Nebraska and South Dakota?  What a great summer!  We love this traveling life.


Our route was determined by the Rallies where we were booked to give our seminars:

  1. FMCA Convention, Albuquerque 3/22/10 (We flew there)
  2. RV-Dreams Rally, Longs SC 4/7/10
  3. RV Lifestyle, Education & Safety, Bowling Green, KY 6/3/10
  4. The Rally, Louisville, KY 7/22/10
  5. FMCA Convention, Redmond, OR 8/11
  6. Gypsy Journal Rally, Elkhart IN 8/30/10
  7. Escapade, Goshen IN, 9/12/10

Next year will be somewhat similar, since The Rally is in Redmond, Oregon.  Here’s what we know of our 2011 tour so far.  The entries marked with ? are ‘penciled in!’

  1. FMCA Convention, Perry Georgia 3/14/11
  2. ? ‘Geek Week’ – post-rally Geeks on Tour computer workshop planned for nearby campground to Perry. March 19-22
  3. ? RV-Dreams, Sevierville, TN April 12-17/11
  4. The Rally, Redmond, OR, 7/14/11
  5. FMCA Convention, Madison, WI, 8/10/11
  6. Escapade, Gillette, WY 8/28-9/2/11

We will be in Florida for the winter, primarily hanging out with family in our old home town of Fort Lauderdale.  Jim likes working in the office at Paradise Island RV park.  But we are planning to get away for a few events to present our computer education:

  1. Lazy Days RV ‘Friends & Family’ in Tampa, FL 11/3/10
  2. Holiday Travel Resort, Leesburg, FL, Jan 23-30

Right now, we’re taking a day at Thousand Trails, Orlando to clean up from the last rallies and just to rest our road-weary bodies.  Then, we’ll be in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow and off to our Alaska cruise on Friday.  This will be the first time since we launched our business/membership website in 2008 that we’ve been offline for that long.  We’ll probably check in a couple of times, but that’s a whole lot different from being constantly available like we normally are.  I know it looks like we’re always on vacation … and we certainly are having fun … but, it is good for the creative juices to really get away for a while.  Here we go!


Richard said...

Bon Voyage.Have fun.
What about Odie?

Nick Russell said...

Don't forget the Gypsy Journal rally in Celina, Ohio September 26 - 30, 2011. Any chance for a Computer Boot Camp before or after the rally?

Managed IT services said...


Think you have a lots of fun during Geek tour. Enjoyed a lot!