Saturday, September 17, 2011


Folks I meet often ask where I grew up. My standard answer is that I never did grow up. LBI is where I spent the years of my life they are referring to.

Long Beach Island is a special place.

My family moved to the Island in 1963 after my dad retired from the Navy. I moved away to Florida in 1985, but there is an allure here that regularly entices me to return. Chris has come to love it here, too.
September is my favorite time to visit. The weather is prime and the crowds are gone. There is one small RV park on the south end of the Island, but I have an old dive buddy friend with a roomy bayfront house and big driveway where we can park the rig.

The Island is a summer resort and escape from the Philadelphia and North Jersey urban areas. Tourism is the main industry. Construction here has been hit hard by the economy. Back when I lived here, the year round population of the Island was not more than 5,000 and the summer population was over 100,000.

My 40th High School reunion was this year. Southern Regional H.S. is on the adjacent mainland and served a huge area of southern Ocean County, including the Island.

I keep in touch with many of my old friends and family still in the area.

Facebook was instrumental in getting us together for this reunion. Alumni from all over the country collaborated and organized the event using Facebook and conference calls.

One of the things I get to do while visiting the Island is to go fishing.  Several of my friends are avid fishermen.  I am not.
I caught a "plank fish" which needs to be filleted with a power saw.  The flounder was delicious, however.

Tonight we have invited many of our friends for a special feast.  Blog post and pictures to follow.

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