Thursday, September 08, 2011

Quad Cities Computer User Group

Last night we presented a Picasa Seminar to the Quad Cities Computer Society in Moline, Illinois.  It was the first time we've given our seminar to a non-RVing group.  Vicki from the group contacted us several months ago.  She said that several Internet searches for help with Picasa ended at our Geeks on Tour website.  Since her group had several people needing help with Picasa, she wondered if we would be interested in doing a remote, Skype, webinar for her group.

Sure, but wait a minute, where did you say you were?  We checked the map and noticed that Moline, Illinois was right on our route from Gillette, Wyoming to New Jersey ... how about we do a regular, live seminar?  Her response .. Cool!
Here's Vicki with Judi, the President of the group.

They advertised the event in the local newspaper - billing us as 'Internationally known experts'  :-) and had a great response.

We really enjoyed ourselves, and loved all the comments from computer group folks.  We might be seeing more computer clubs in our future!  Here's what Vicki, and another attendee posted on our Facebook page:

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