Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Newsletter and Getting Ready to hit the Road

Writing our newsletter was much of my week last week.  We've been writing a monthly newsletter for Geeks on Tour since July of 2007.  It started out as something that took me an hour or two to write and send out.  Now it takes me three days!!  It's a labor of love, but still ... that's a lot of time, no wonder it keeps getting later and later.  Our January newsletter was sent on February 6! But, I'm happy to say, we're back on track ... the March newsletter went out on March 31 :-)  If you click on that link you can read that newsletter, plus all the archives back to 2007.  You can also sign up to be on the maillist to have the newsletter emailed to you if you like.
I'm especially proud of being published in Highways magazine this month.  It's a 5 page article! It's called 'Get Away, Stay Connected: Why Computers, the Internet, and Social Networks are Perfect Companions for RVers.'  If you're a Good Sam member, you can read it in the online magazine.

Thanks to Frank Drew for telling me I could use the tagline for his old company (Coach Connect) as the title.  I always loved the 'Get Away, Stay Connected' slogan and since the company doesn't exist anymore, I'm stealing it!
The best part of last week though was going Kayak Diving!!  We hadn't been kayak diving all winter :-(  Jim went out on a boat a couple times when our friend Jimmy Lyon was in town.  It's been over a year since I've been in the water.  It was beautiful day.  While I was in meditation mode 30 feet down communing with the angels (angel fish) it was so clear to me that, for me, scuba diving is one of those things that make life worth living!

Several other of our Kayuba club members also showed up since it was the last day of lobster season.  It was good to see old friends.

Ahhhhhh ... so now we can leave Fort Lauderdale with a feeling of completion!  We have moved out of Paradise Island RV park and we're staying at a favorite county park for a couple of nights just to regroup, re-pack, and tie up loose ends with my Mom's condo.  This Easterlin park is such a beautiful place!  Take a look at our site:

On our walk this morning we saw this sign ... what does it say about people for this sign to be necessary?!

So, we'll be on our way tomorrow.  Probably stay and Thousand Trails, Orlando for a night on our way to visit friends in Melrose, FL (near Gainesville) for Easter.  Then we'll head over to Bushnell and Paradise Oaks RV park to prepare for our Techno-Geek Learning Rally starting on April 22.  Yippee, on the road and teaching computers ... other than kayak diving, my favorite things to do in the world!

Register now for a Week of Learning Computers, Cameras, and Smartphones.
April 22-29 Bushnell, Florida

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John and Kathy said...

Hey Geeks!
We're getting ready for the road too. We leave Benson on the 10th and on towards the East Coast and Florida to see one son, then up to Hershey, PA for the other one, and then on to Celina for Nick's rally. Hope to see you folks there. Starting up the blog again for posting our trip.
John and Kathy