Thursday, April 26, 2012

Techno-Geek Learning Rally

Well - we're just past the halfway point, and we're very happy with how it's going.  We call it a Learning Rally because we're doing a lot of seminars and hands-on workshops.  But, it's also a learning rally for us.  The main thing we're learning is about using Facebook as an extension of the actual rally.  We're posting pictures and lots of snippets of information from the Rally on a special Facebook Rally Page.
Here's the banner picture from the Rally page:

We're also encouraging attendees to post as well.  So people who aren't here can see what's going on and get some of the experience themselves. They can even see the results of what people are learning - like this Photo Story 3 movie that one of our students created (and uploaded to Facebook) on the same day as taking our Photo Story 3 seminar! And, he used the photos he took while taking Phil's digital camera class.
The facilities here at Paradise Oaks RV Park are excellent, and our weather has been picture-postcard perfect.
Here's a photo of our seminar room complete with the Geeks projected setup as well as the TechnoRV setup.  We can have dualing presentations.  Sometimes the back-and-forth takes on a humorous challenge of Mac vs PC.  We also have ways to project our smartphones - so the audience gets to see the difference between Android and iPhone as well.

And here's a little video of the digital camera class outside trying out different techniques.

But, what most people will remember from the rally is food unlike any other rally they've ever attended.  Put Tracey and Phil into this beautiful kitchen, and we are benefitting from the results!  On our schedule, I just wrote that we would be having a 'continental' breakfast each morning.  Well - so far we've had Sausage gravy and biscuits, ham and cheese croissants, and bacon and eggs.  If that's 'continental' one attendee, Alex, said she wants to find out what continent that is and move there!

Here's Chris teaching one of the many seminars scheduled each day.
One whole afternoon was a hands-on class with Picasa for photo editing.
Each morning, Phil is leading people in Tai Chi
Jim was so happy we actually used his cool Jeopardy game.  It was FUN!
We still have 2 full days left, then a farewell breakfast.  We're looking forward to great things from our students to show us on the last day - photos, slide shows and movies!

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Speedy said...

You guys are out there...further than I have ever been. Maybe someday Sherri and I will be close enough to attend one of your rallies? Stay safe


Tom and Marci said...

This looks like a great rally . . . I look forward to being able to attend one in the future! I love all the FB posts!

John Huber said...

How about planning one of these out west. We would love to attend, but we seem to stay close to the Pacific ocean.

Chris Guld said...

John - We are looking at a western location for next summer. Any suggestions?