Thursday, May 03, 2012

Techno-Geek Learning Rally recap

We completed the Rally without a hitch!  the weather was perfect, the food was delicious, the people now feel like family, and everybody learned a lot ... including us!
Here's a short video I put together:

See more info about the rally in our Geeks On Tour April Newsletter, as well as on the special Facebook Rally Page.
After the rally, we rested for a day and partied with Phil and Tracey and a few others who stayed over.  We reviewed the rally with Phil and Tracey and decided we liked it so much that we would go ahead with plans to have another one in the Fall.  Phil and Tracey worked so hard, and were so fun ... we really liked working together!  Josh and Ally too.  Talk about feeling like family!  All we need is for Jim and I to speak with British accents and we could all be in the same family.  But, no - we're not going to move in together - they already have two adults, two teenagers, and one dog in a 37 foot RV!
Jim and Chris (Geeks on Tour) Tracey and Phil (TechnoRV) with our TechnoGeek Learning Rally shirts.

The logical time and place for our next rally is after the Good Sam rally that will be held in November in Daytona Beach.  We've set up another Event Page for people that want to express interest now.  We don't have a price yet.  We need to charge more than we did this time ($165 per RV) ... or we need a lot more people.  But, we don't want too many more people because this worked SO well for teaching.  You simply cannot handle a hands-on computer class with more than 20 people, and there's not enough time to cover all our topics if we have multiple sessions of the same topic.  We will probably be limiting registration to no more than 30 RVs (we had 20 this time), upping the rate a bit, and looking for sponsors.  In order to get all our seminar topics in the rally schedule this past week, I scheduled a couple seminars after dinner.  I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I could not do that again!  It just burned everyone out too much.  Me?  I didn't seem to notice ... I just kept on teaching - with one minor adjustment - can you find it in the picture below?

The TechnoRV bus got underway ... headed to Goshen, IN ... on Monday.  We planned another week here.  Monday and Tuesday we gave our Computer Bootcamp class to two rally attendees, Peg and Jackie.  They were great.  Very computer literate, but recognized that they'd never had any formal training on the basics of their laptops.  Think about it, did you ever have to close the lid on your computer at the office and understand what it did? Anyway, we were able to get thru the material pretty quickly and then we handled some specific questions they had like how to combine their Comcast email with their Gmail account, and something else which I forget :-)

Now, we're the only ones left here from the rally, and we're just sitting at our computers - catching up on email and updating websites etc.  Our next rally, the RVSEF conference in Bowling Green, was cancelled, so we're going to go back to Ft. Lauderdale for a few days so I can see Mom, and Jim can visit and tie up a few loose ends with his Dad's house.  And ... maybe we'll go Kayak Diving!  The next rally on our calendar isn't till June 21 - The Rally in Louisville, KY.

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Great sharing, it looked like great fun.