Monday, August 20, 2012

Quad Cities, Mississippi, Computer Classes and TV show

We arrived here in the Quad Cities over a week ago - Jim researched and found a nice Corps of Engineers park right on the river - Fisherman's Corner.  We settled in for a 12 day stay.

We're here at the invitation of the Quad Cities Computer Society.  We were thru here last year and did a Picasa seminar.  This time we're doing two hands-on Picasa classes, one Smartphone seminar, and one Facebook seminar.  The club treated us to dinner with several of their members.  Here's a collage that Vicki - their webmaster and our main contact - put together of the evening.
We've had gorgeous weather here and have even taken some time to see a few sights, like Buffalo Bill's birthplace:

And Mississippi Lock and Dam #14

We also had plenty of our normal computer / website work to do.  Here I am doing the voice over for a little video I did of the Copilot Live software that Jim reviewed.

Then we had our first hands on class on Saturday.  Thanks to Vicki for taking so many pictures!

After the workshop we made our way to the place were Floatzilla was happening, put our kayaks in the water and tried to help break a world record of the most kayaks / canoes in a raft up.  They needed nearly 2,000 and the number we heard was only 1,500 - but it sure was a hoot.

We considered it a success because we got our kayaks wet in the Mississippi river!

Then, today was the day we were scheduled for a Television interview on a show called Paula Sands Live ... WKQC, Channel 6 in Davenport, Iowa.  We were promoting the free smartphone seminar that we're doing for the Quad Cities Computer Society tomorrow.

You can see the web version of our 4.5 minute segment on their website at

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Janice Williford Evans said...

Gorgeous sunset pics. . .you guys are busy, busy, busy. . .


megha said...

Nice blog with beautiful inmage

Anonymous said...

Are you going to Celina?

Chris in Indiana