Thursday, August 02, 2012

Connecticut to Michigan

After we presented our seminar at the Connecticut Computer Users Group, we were done with our obligations in the east - next stop Michigan.  But first, we need to brag that the seminar went very well.  It was even filmed by a local TV station - I hope we get to see that sometime.

We taught Facebook, and within a few days the Computer User Group of Connecticut had a brand new Facebook page of their own!  That's what it's all about for us.  We love knowing that we're teaching topics that actually get used!  We don't get paid for these club seminars, so the more valuable the information, the more people will sign up for our newsletters, and eventually pay to be members on our website where they can watch the tutorial videos and learn lots more.  Too bad we have bills to pay, or we'd do everything for free!  Our satisfaction comes from knowing people value and use what we teach them but, we really like knowing that they value it enough to pay for a membership! :-)

July started in LBI, New Jersey, up to Vermont, down to Connecticut, then over to Michigan.

Michigan is about 800 miles from Connecticut and that would usually be at least 3 days of driving and a couple days layovers for us.  But, we looked at the map and couldn't see anywhere we really wanted to stop in between.  It was all Interstate and Turnpike driving, and we had a Thousand Trails park we could go to in Michigan.  We are members of Thousand Trails, so it doesn't cost us anything more to stay there.  We determined we could get there with two days of driving and just sleep at a rest area in the middle somewhere.  I even took a few hours at the wheel, and it was actually quite enjoyable.  I love seeing the views of this huge country from our RVs windshield.  Here's a little slideshow I made, starting with the scary low bridges in Connectictut where we learned to love seeing big trucks on the road - if they had enough clearance then so would we!

Once installed at Thousand Trails, St. Clair, we decided to explore a little and took a walk along the nice walking and biking path on the St. Clair river.  Looking at the blue of the water, I felt more like I was in the Caribbean  than by the Great Lakes!

Home for 5 days

The St. Clair river with Canada on the other side.
The next day, our friends and long time Geeks on Tour members, David and Lynn Cross pulled into the same park so we found a nice restaurant, also on the river, and enjoyed good food, good company, and beautiful scenery.

Lynn, David, and us at River Crab/Blue Water Inn, Marysville Michigan

We so enjoy the quiet time in beautiful surroundings that we get when we stay at a Thousand Trails park.  We got caught up on some book work, and I got our July Newsletter done!  The next day, we got a call from long-time Geeks on Tour members, Fred and Wilma.  Yes, that's their real name, no their last name isn't Flintstones - but they don't mind if you remember them that way!

I thought for sure we had met them some time in the past because I knew their names so well, but they assured me that our only contact had been online.  I guess I just can't tell the difference anymore - so much of my life is online.  Anyway - we had a great visit, and I look forward to eating the homegrown tomatoes they brought us from their Michigan garden.

We are disappointed that this park doesn't have a hot tub, when most Thousand Trails do, but we decided it was cool enough to take advantage of the Pickleball courts!  We actually played two whole games and didn't hurt ourselves!  I'm so proud.  Even if Jim did beat me both games.

We just have one more day here, then we head over to Okemos, Michigan where we'll be attending Screencast Camp at Techsmith corporation.  Techsmith is the maker of the software - Camtasia - that I use for our tutorial videos.  I'm really looking forward to this.

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