Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slacker Week

Does anyone else out there beat themselves us for being lazy?  I know I do.  If you look at my blog, you will surely see lots of places where I work hard … but there’s plenty more where I don’t – I just don’t write about them!

This week was a relaxing week.  We’ve been at the Peace River Thousand Trails park and the highlight of each day has been taking a walk on the nature trail. 

Peace River Nature Trail
Peace River Nature Trail

I’m afraid Odie might not be with us too much longer … he’s coming up on his 15th birthday, and he has several health issues.  But, so far, he is still doing his job of getting us out for at least a calm stroll every day.

We did teach a couple of classes this week, and we took advantage of the small relaxed groups to put together two new titles: Using Movie Maker, and Smartphone Photography.  Is it just me or has the world of personal technology taken unprecedented leaps and bounds just this past year?  Maybe that’s part of why we’re feeling tired.  Last summer, we presented 8 or 9 different seminars at the big rallies.  This summer, I think we could do 8 or 9 new topics with no problem.

Another reason we like this park is that it has a nice hot tub.  We took advantage of that a couple times this week.  aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh  Jim took off on Thursday and visited the Tampa RV Supershow.  I said I wanted to stay home because I had so much computer work to do.  I sat at the computer much of the day, but I wouldn’t call it work.  Actually most of it was learning … in preparation for our Smartphone photography class the next day, I just read up on everything I could find on different smartphone cameras and the best techniques for using them. 

Then I took a nap!

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