Sunday, February 17, 2013

Traveling Teachers and Lazydays

This has been a cool week of traveling and teaching.  We left Fort Lauderdale on Monday and went to Lazydays campground in Tampa because we had two 'gigs' scheduled in the area.
We presented 'Cloud Computing' to  Greater Tampa Bay Computer Users Group on Tuesday, then Facebook to Tampa SNUG on Friday.
Meanwhile, we had a fun stay at Lazydays.  They have free breakfast and lunch available if you're staying in the RV park, and while we were in their dining room, we ran into several of our Geeks on Tour members who stopped us to say Hi!  One of them mentioned that they were on their way to attend a class at Lazydays on smartphones.  Cool! Can we come too?  There's always more to learn.  The class was taught by Dave Watkins and he did a great job.  We enjoyed it so much that we came back the next morning for his social networking class.  He surprised us with the first slide of his presentation:

Dave tells us that he's been following us for quite some time and enjoys our training as well!  A mutual admiration society has been formed!

Lazydays was a hopping place!  The only sites available were in overflow, meaning we were in a plain blactop parking lot with no water or sewer, but we had 50amp power - so we were happy.  We took advantage of the free food, free classes, and of course the hot tub!  When there was no free food, we went \to the cool little bar/cafe onsite called Exit 10.  The second night we went we ran into another old friend from Datastorm days ... Mac McClellan.  Great to see you Mac!

And, speaking of meeting up with people you haven't see for a while!  My college boyfriend, who I haven't see for 40 years lives in the Tampa area and reconnected with me via email recently.  So, we arranged to meet for lunch.  Check out these pictures!
John and Chris in 1972 at college - Florida State

John and Chris after 40 years!
It was fun to reminisce!

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Karen and Al said...

We were at Lazy Days last week for service. I'm surprised we didn't run into you...we definitely made use of the hot tub!

Speedy said...

Every once in while I look back at some of my pictures from days gone by. They do bring back memories from...

Somewhere in Time